NTN Innovative Surfaces

Lagerstrasse 14
8600 Dübendorf


About NTN Innovative Surfaces

Surfaces and interfaces are among the strongest growing areas of research in science, engineering and biology. These provide an excellent foundation for the development of superior products and technologies.

The National Thematic knowledge and technology transfer Network (NTN) Innovative Surfaces is the leading network in Switzerland for targeted and performance-oriented Knowledge & Technology Transfer (KTT) between public research institutions and companies seeking innovative surface technologies and collaborations to stimulate competitiveness and value creation.


The mission of the National Thematic knowledge and technology transfer Network (NTN) is to foster collaboration between technology companies and knowledge institutions to leverage the promises of advanced surface technologies.

Community Networking

The NTN provides opportunities for the partnering of top tier knowledge institutions and technology companies.

Membership Benefits

Members profit from the network's technology base and knowledge about the state of the art as well as from platforms for the assesment of trends and the solving of open issues shaping the future of surface technologies