The advanced materials and nanotechnology community platform

A platform for the swiss advanced materials and nanotechnologies

Nanotechnologies play an important role in many material applications. They allow a detailed insight into materials behavior and enable structuring and modifications down to atomic scales.

This produces special properties that often cannot be realized by any other technology. The conversion of these properties into innovative products and services secures Swiss companies a technological lead and a competitive market position in the long term.

The dynamic Swiss nano community is made up of  educational institutions, research centers, thematic networks from the materials sector and companies. Knowledge and technology transfer organizations (KTT) such as the Hightech Zentrum Aargau mediate between these players and ensure low-threshold access to nanotechnologies and high-performance materials for industry, especially SMEs. 

If you would like to know what potential nanotechnologies and advanced materials have in store for your company, then use the search function under "Solutions" or let yourself be inspired by the competencies of the partners in the "Partners" section. 

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