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The Canton of Aargau and nanotechnologies: A successful alliance

The Canton of Aargau and nanotechnologies have not become a successful team by chance. Rather, the Aargau has demonstrated political foresight and seized an opportunity that today has a positive impact throughout Switzerland. 

As the recognized technology of the future, nanotechnologies do indeed offer enormous scientific, economic and social potential. Their development in universities and research institutions is just as demanding as their subsequent application in companies. Not all regions therefore have the necessary prerequisites to be successful in the field of nanotechnologies. In Aargau, however, this is definitely the case. 

On the one hand, there is a large number of efficient universities and research institutions in Aargau itself and in the immediate vicinity that have expertise in nanotechnologies. They not only promote new scientific findings, but above all also train qualified graduates for the regional businesses. The range of nanotechnology expertise available here is also outstanding by international standards. 

On the other hand, the industrial canton of Aargau is home to many high-performance companies in key sectors that already use nanotechnologies as a part of their manufacturing processes and products or could do so in the future. The demand for nanotechnologies on the commercial side is accordingly strong. 

But an intensive relationship between supply and demand is equally needed. Science and industry should be strengthened and closely linked so that nanotechnologies become a strong driver of a dynamic and positive development of value creation, jobs as well as business and economic benefits. 

The Canton of Aargau has formulated and pioneered such an initiative with its Hightech Aargau program, which includes the focal area "materials and nanotechnologies". Over the years, a variety of impulses and instruments have increased the incentive for research and application of nanotechnologies in science and industry. To further strengthen these drivers, the Hightech Zentrum Aargau has created the new platform nano.swiss. 

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