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With this new service, we encourage innovative companies to improve their products and manufacturing processes through nanotechnologies. 

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Looking for applications where nanotechnology could improve your manufacturing process? 


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Cross-sectional topics

You need a special analysis, need to nanostructure a surface or want to learn about application safety. 


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Do you have an innovative material or would you like to produce one and need better properties?


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You can select the required properties here
Tribological properties
Friction coefficient Wear resistance Tendency to cold welding
Acoustic properties
Sound absorption Sound reflection
Electrical properties
Electrical conductivity Dielectric constant Creep resistance
Thermal properties
Melting point Thermal expansion Thermal conductivity Specific heat capacity Heat resistance Toughness at low temperatures, glass transition temperature
Optical properties
Color Transparency Refraction Reflectance Luminescence UV protection
Manufacturing properties
Casting properties Formability Forming properties Weldability
Biological properties
Biocompatibility Toxicity Antimicrobial activity Pharmacokinetics Pharmacodynamics Biodegradability Promotes or inhibits cell growth
Mechanical properties
Hardness (for solids) Viscosity (for liquids) Elastic modulus Density Fatigue strength Tensile strength Compressive strength Creep resistance Impact strength Crack resistance (K1c) Material damping
Chemical properties
Corrosion resistance Water solubility Viscosity Acid/alkali resistance Resistance to oils or other chemicals Flammability Non-stick properties Adhesive properties Hydrophilic/Hydrophobic Barrier properties Oxidation resistance Catalyst/Photocatalyst
Special surface properties
Antigraffiti/easy-to-clean Self-cleaning
Other physical properties
Magnetism Other property (to be explained in the comments field)

Select topics

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Select one or more topics to describe your request
  • Resources on regulatory topics
  • Safe-by-design strategies
  • Conventional and specialized methods
  • High lateral resolution (physical and chemical) is a challenge
  • Imaging methods often required
  • Mechanical properties on micro/nano scale
  • Biological properties
  • Nanostructuring of materials enables special properties
  • In most cases, surfaces and layers are structured
  • Subtractive or additive processes
  • e.g. security markings sensors, semiconductors, MedTech

Select materials

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Select one or more material groups for which you are looking for an improvement
Nano-composite materials
  • Materials consisting of two or more materials bonded together,
  • at least one component nanoscale,
  • Have new / improved properties compared to the individual components
Structured nanomaterials
  • Carbon materials such as carbon nanotubes, fullerenes, graphene,
  • nanofibers,
  • Self-assembled monolayers and other ordered 2½D structures,
  • Nanoporous materials (e.g., aerogels)
  • Bulk materials,
  • layers,
  • nanoparticles,
  • Natural mineral materials,
  • Glasses,
  • Semiconductors
  • Bulk materials,
  • layers,
  • Nanoparticles
  • Bulk materials,
  • layers,
  • Nanoparticles


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Selected Topics:

Selected materials:

Find nano solutions

Find nano solutions

> Find nano solutions


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