Safe procedures for thermoplastic nano particle dispersions

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Project Description

Nano particles are known for the strong aggregates that are difficult to disperse in a thermoplastic matrix. Moreover, even as aggregates, nanoparticles may lead to airborne nanoparticles, causing concern and special requirements for the work place safety.

Procedures and materials which allow a safe handling and reliable dispersion of nanoparticles, in a standard compounding environment, would make nanocomposites available to a much broader range of engineering applications. Depending on the nanoparticles used, exceptional properties may be achieved, such as improved stiffness and strength with reduced density, high refractive index and/or unique thermal and electrical conductivities.

Objective: To develop a process chain ranging from the nano particle production to the processing of thermoplastic nano composites, which is limiting the work places exposed to nano particles and ensuring a reliable dispersion of nano particles in the matrix.

Timeline: A development phase of 12 to 18 months is expected to reach the objective. Following the technology development, the technology shall be transferred to high tech engineering applications.

Preliminary Poject Team


  • Masterbatch development
  • Compound development
  • Injection molding process development
  • Mechanical testing

Partner Search

We are looking for:

Nano-Particle Producer:

  • production of nanoparticles in a pre-dispersed, safe form


  • SEM analysis of pre-dispresion

  • SEM analysis of dispersion in thermoplastic compound

  • SEM analysis of dispersion in an injection molded part

  • electrical properties (volume resistivity and surface resistivity) of the injection molded part

Compounder / End-user of nanoreinforced compounds


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