EPFL Center of MicroNanoTechnology

BM 1.125 (BM Building) Station 17
1015 Lausanne


The CMi is a complex of clean rooms and processing equipment for the training and scientific experimentation devoted to the users of microtechnologies.

Our Mission:

    • To provide basic and advanced training on processes and technologies.
    • To offer access to the processing equipment available in the clean room.
    • To gather, to practice and to provide the most advanced know-how in the microtechnology field.
    • To cooperate with other academic institutions and research centers.


    The CMi’s offer addresses:

    1. Education
    2. Scientific research, and
    3. Access to microfabrication processes



    Dr. Philippe Flückiger
    Director of Operations

    +41 (0) 21 693 66 95

    News von EPFL Center of MicroNanoTechnology

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