Our laboratory enables particle-based solutions for diagnostics and therapeutics driven by clinical needs. We are active in characterizing, understanding and steering the interaction of particulate materials with human cells or tissues and provide expertise in the interdisciplinary field of particulate materials safety and applications for industry or authorities.

We are a highly motivated team of biologists and chemists with core competences in cell- and molecular biology, material science and chemistry. We pioneered investigations on particle bio-functionalization, particles uptake, accumulation, translocation across biological barriers and their bio-responses. With this we provide key contributions to novel strategies of particles design for drug delivery, imaging or diagnosis.

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Particles 4D Group

We design particle-enabled approaches to address clinical needs in disease etiology, diagnostics and drug delivery.

Our activities are centered around

  • a better understanding of disease etiology by employing particle-based model systems (Disease Etiology),
  • the development of particle-based biosensors (Diagnostics), and
  • the design of particles for targeted drug delivery (Drug Delivery).

The design specs for our particle-based solutions are given by the clinical problem to be solved. We design our particle-based solutions bottom up in close exchange with our clinical collaborators as well as academic partner institutions around the world. We have expertise in particle synthesis and functionalization, characterization and imaging of particle-based systems, as well as translational nanomedicine.

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