Spectroplast secures CHF 1.5 million seed financing


Spectroplast AG is a Silicone Additive Manufacturing Spinoff from ETH Zurich with a growing customer base. The goal is to become the world’s leading provider of customized Silicone products. The investment supports Spectroplast in scaling up its Silicone 3D Printing Service.

Spectroplast announces the completion of a CHF 1.5 million seed round of financing together with the Munich-based investor AM Ventures Holding GmbH (AMV). The investment will enable the company to further strengthen its position as a leader in 3D Printing of pure Silicones for life-enhancing and life-saving products. Customized Silicone healthcare products are a key area of focus for Spectroplast, whose mission includes having a positive impact on the varied and challenging needs of patients today.

“Spectroplast’s introduction of Silicones to the world of Additive Manufacturing is well-timed with a rapidly growing demand for customized Silicone products observed not only in the healthcare sector but also in many other markets,” said Johann Oberhofer, Chief Technology Officer at AMV. Manuel Schaffner, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Spectroplast AG adds: “The traction in the market is shown by our growing customer base. It is our defined mission to become the world’s leading provider of customized Silicone products. This will impact many industries around the globe.”

“As an emerging industry, we are just starting to understand how powerful 3D Printing of functional products will become when it is combined with the massive potential offered by industrial scale production,” said Schaffner. “Having the financial support and domain expertise of AMV will help us execute our mission even more rapidly and broadly.”

AMV is an independent strategic investor based in Starnberg, Germany. The company has established an ecosystem consisting of sustainable strategic investments and a strong partner network to utilize additive manufacturing technologies. The company supports startups at every stage of maturity to provide the tools, resources, and expertise which are required to succeed in a fast moving industry. AMV has already invested in Swiss-based Sintratec.