Oxyle wins the Grand Prize at >>venture>>

Oxyle Venture Team

>>venture>> awarded over CHF 500,000 in non-dilutive cash six start-ups last Monday night. The competition crowned its Grand Prize Winner, Oxyle, a startup dedicated to the sustainable removal of micropollutants from wastewater. Oxyle received CHF150k in total.


Despite the pandemic, >>venture>>, co-organized by ETH Zurich, McKinsey & Company, Knecht Holding, Innosuisse, and EPFL, alongside their sponsors, decided that COVID-19 could not cancel the growth of entrepreneurship and innovation in Switzerland. The indisputable importance of the role startups play in Switzerland was highlighted by the presence of Federal Councillor, Ueli Maurer, as the keynote speaker for the >>venture>> Award Ceremony. His speech was broadcasted from the federal offices in Bern. Ueli Maurer underlined the importance of start-ups for the whole Swiss economy. “Start-ups are the heart of the Swiss economy and society of tomorrow”, he said. He announced to continue to work hard to ensure that the capital market and the labour market work well to provide start-ups with financing and talents.

Over 320 startups battled for their place within the prestigious competition. Last week the winners of the five verticals, the winner of the audience award and the winner of the Grand Prize were announced.

Grand Prize winner: Oxyle

Oxyle provides a novel wastewater treatment that completely eliminates the most persistent and toxic micropollutant (pharmaceuticals, hormones, personal-scare-products, pesticides, industrial chemicals etc.) from water. The spin-off from ETH Zurich will bring to market small scale reactors which will be installed on the customer site. The technology relies on the use of a catalyst with nanoporous material. The company official founded only a few weeks ago, plans to offer wastewater treatment solutions to industries, R&D labs, hospitals, wastewater treatments plants, and households.