Nanolive launches the first microscope for automated live cell imaging


Nanolive’s CX-A, is the first microscope to combine the power of non-invasive, 3D Nanolive imaging with the throughput of automation. The product defines a new standard for live-cell imaging in 96 well plates for continuous organelle monitoring in cell populations. The startup has today launched the product on the market.

Nanolive pioneers in the development and commercialization of innovative live-cell imaging microscopes. The startup developed a revolutionary imaging-technique, which, for the very first time, allows the exploration of a living cell in 3D without damaging it. Nanolive technology offers unperturbed and earlier unmet insights into the living cell: no need for any special procedures, which require intensive and long preparation. As no chemistry or marker is used at all, the observation is completely non-invasive to the cell and allows resolving the cell’s parts down to below 200 nm. Nanolive’s microscopes display the cell in a completely new way with a comprehensive representation of its morphology.

One of the startup’s microscopes is the CX-A, the ultimate tool for automated live cell imaging. CX-A extends the exploration of living cells from single cells to cell populations without compromising on the highest precision and resolution proper to all Nanolive products. It enables scientists to investigate macro cellular dynamics like cell health, proliferation, movement and function as well as micro organelle dynamics and interactions such as mitochondrial network characterization.

CX-A is designed to work with 96 well plates to multiply and parallelize experimental conditions, hence, bringing undoubtedly significance to each experiment and delivering solid biological insights to researchers. The system is also equipped with multiple imaging modalities to correlate and compare physical and chemical information at each time-point. A fully integrated solution adapted to the most advanced professional needs. In order to create an immersive and holistic experience of novel cell observation, the product delivers 3D data sets for every single image at every single moment.