INOFEA spins-off Perseo Pharma to further develop therapeutic enzymes


The Basel based Inofea AG has founded Perseo pharma AG as spin-off for therapeutic applications. The objective is to develop a new line of therapeutic enzymes based on Inofea’s innovative, unique and patent protected enzyme shielding technology. Perseo has already secured capital from business angels.

Inofea developed a unique and patented platform technology called enzzen to fit enzymes to in-vivo and process conditions. enzzen immobilizes any enzyme or cocktail of enzymes onto safe silica particles and protects them by growing a nano-structured shield on the outer surface of the particle. This formulation of enzymes provides them with remarkable resistance to in-vivo and process conditions, such as acidity, temperature, presence of chaotropic agents, proteases and hence empowering enzymes. Inofea serves the industrial market with empowered enzymes for non-therapeutic applications, including health care, personal & home care, and other industrial applications.

After two years of developing these therapeutic enzymes, Inofea has now established Perseo pharma AG as a spinoff to focus exclusively on therapeutic enzymes for the treatment of cancer and rare genetic diseases. The platform will also enable future enzyme-based applications in other therapeutic fields. The uniqueness of empowered enzymes is the protective layer surrounding immobilized enzymes, which increases their stability and makes them resistant to harsh environments.

Perseo pharma has already secured first financial resources through a convertible loan from Swiss business angels (mainly BAS and BioBAC) and is currently looking for further financing through a seed round.