Infrascreen receives CHF 100’000 to mend greenhouses


Using nanotechnologies, Infrascreen provides smart filters that enable drastic improvements in climate management within greenhouses. The FIT Tech Seed loan will bring the start-up a step closer to market entry.

Infrascreen uses nanotechnologies combined with agronomy expertise to manufacture smart light filters that enable better energy efficiency and reduced heat stress for the crops. With nanotechnology, it is now possible to manufacture a material that is transparent to the light waves useful for photosynthesis, while at the same time being able to reflect infrared rays. Additionally, the solution enables greenhouses to improve their productivity by 15%, reduce energy needs for heating by 20% and cut CO2 emissions by 200 tonnes per hectare each year.

Experienced founders

Based in Neuchâtel, Infrascreen was established in 2019 through the collaboration between the PV-centre of the CSEM/EPFL, the Wageningen University & Research and the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft Institute. Founded by Benoit de Combaud - former founder of CombaGroup, specialised in aeroponautics - and Henri de Lalande - former co-founder of Apparius CF, specialised in fundraising for technological entrepreneurship - Infrascreen is made up of a complete team that can cover both innovative and commercial aspects simultaneously.

Also supported by Innosuisse, Venture Kick and the BCN Innovation 2020 Prize, the young company now plans to deploy its pilot prototypes as early as 2021. The FIT Tech Seed loan will also help it to begin its commercial positioning on the market by 2022. To this end, Infrascreen is also currently conducting a 2 million Swiss Francs fundraising round.