Coat-X is ready to scale


The Neuchatel-based Coat-X has obtained the Innosuisse Certificate, which combined with the fresh capital obtained through its series B round, will enable the startup to take its growth plans to the next level. The startup developed a coating technology to protect devices against moisture penetration and corrosion.

Coat-X is developing an ultrathin multilayer coating solution based on its biocompatible technology that enables industrial users to protect high value-added components against humidity and corrosion, particularly when exposed to or required to perform in harsh environmental conditions. The solution will, therefore, replace conventional and expensive, metal, glass or polymer encapsulation/protection solutions. The main applications use cases of Coat-X are the implantable and non-implantable medical devices, electronic circuits and sensors working in harsh environments, as well as watchmaking and jewelry field.

Having completed the Innosuisse coaching program, the startup has received the Innosuisse Certification. Acknowledging the receipt of the achievement, Andreas Hogg, founder and CEO of Coat-X, asserts that the label will enhance the startup’s credibility since it is still in infant phases. Moreover, the label will play a significant role in the future commercial development of Coat-X.

“Such a label increases our visibility and credibility, which are the two key factors to accelerate our commercial development. The certification will certainly facilitate the entry for new collaborative projects that are essential for us to continue to innovate from our platform,” says Hogg.

A busy year ahead
The present year is set to be very important for the company. As part of its 2019 milestones, the startup aims to double its production capacity and receive the ISO13485 medical certification. Strategic partnerships are also being discussed for 2020, which should allow Coat-X to consolidate growth and creating new jobs. The company currently employs 12 full-time equivalents.