Atomic Layer Deposition at RhySearch


ALD represents a versatile and exciting technique to deposit a range of materials for use in diverse applications. With respect to the optics industry, while challenges remain regarding the deposition rate, ALD opens up new opportunities for applications and components where traditional PVD techniques are not suitable.

The ALD facility at RhySearch offers a range of material and process options in addition to advanced in-house testing of ALD material properties in the O2C Characterization Center. High quality oxide and flouride materials are available for use in a range of applications such as optical designs and protection coatings.

It is envisaged to expand the portfolio of materials and processes at RhySearch in order to realise the full potential of ALD for the future deposition needs of industry and research.

 In this WhitePaper we outline some fundamentals of ALD and the benefits and challenges it offers for optical designs. In addition we describe the deposition system and ALD process development at RhySearch.

Link WhitePaper.

Source: RhySearch