We are gearing up: The installation of a Zeiss FIB-SEM Crossbeam 540 is in full progress


The microscope is expected to be available for users in mid-August. The new microscope is mainly used for sample preparation for the JEM-F200. The other two FIBs  (FEI Helios NanoLab 650, FEI Versa 3D DualBeam) will then be used primarily for additive and subtractive nanolithography processes. The focus here is on the investigation of gold depositions that are as pure as possible and the writing of cobalt structures [1], both using the FEBID/FIBID technique. The NI Lab team is delighted to have taken another important step in the direction of materials science.

Fields of application at a glance

  • Local cross sections, e.g. at defect sites (growth defects of thin films, corrosion, trapped particles, etc.)​
  • TEM lamella preparation​
  • High-resolution cross-section investigations in transmission (STEM)​
  • 3D tomography of microstructure or local defects​
  • Processing of structures via targeted material removal​

The Crossbeam 540 Basic Unit is equipped with patented GEMINI II electron optics for fast high-resolution analytic. This FE-SEM is optimized for use with a Ga-focused Ion beam (Ga-FIB). Further technical details are: Large chamber with 18 accessory ports, auto pendulum anti vibration system, 6-axes motorized super-eucentric stage. Two gas injection systems (GIS) for the deposition of Pt and C are available. An in-situ micromanipulator from Kleindiek is installed for lift-outs.  
The FIB-Capella+ is equipped with a Ga-Liquid metal ion source (Ga-LMIS) with long source life time of 3000 µAh and high current stability. Resolution at 30 kV: 3nm. Voltage Range: 500V - 30 kV. Probe current range: 1 pA - 100 nA. Motorized high precision aperture changer, electrostatic beam blanker. 


  • INLENS-DOUBLET-XB:  Energy selective backscatter in-lens detector
  • aSTEM4:  pneumatically retractable STEM detector for BF, DF, ADF, HAADF with the possibility of parallel detection of four segments 
  • BSD1: retractable diode detector with 4 quadrants 
  • SESI-FF XB 40: SESI Detector for imaging of secondary electrons such as secondary ions

[1] Liza Žaper, Peter Rickhaus, Marcus Wyss, Boris Gross, Martino Poggio, Floris Braakman, Scanning NV magnetometry of focused-electron-beam-deposited cobalt nanomagnets, ACS Appl. Nano Mater. 7, 4, 3854–3860 (2024)
DOI: 10.1021/acsanm.3c05470

Source: Nano Imaging Newsletter 2024, July 2, 2024