Qnami closes CHF 4million round to become leader in the Quantum sensing market


Qnami plans to extend its patented quantum microscope technology into applications enabling the design and production of quantum computers and spintronics devices. In addition, the start-up will launch the first commercial Quantum Microscope. The funds from the Series A financing round will be used to support these plans.

Qnami is a Swiss start-up founded in 2017. In 2019 it launched the Qnami ProteusQ, which provides an innovative platform for the analysis of magnetic materials at the nanoscale. Mathieu Munsch, Co-Founder and CEO of Qnami says, “we have gained good market traction with the launch of the ProteusQ and Quantilevers in the materials research setting. Top researchers already use Qnami’s technology to discover and describe the magnetic properties of new materials.”  

From research to industrial customers

Magnetic properties of materials will also play a fundamental role in the future of computing–in quantum computing and spintronics devices. Spintronics stand for the the use of a fundamental property of particles known as spin for information processing. These trends expand Qnami’s focus from research to industrial customers. As Munsch says, “tools to control the design and manufacturing process of such materials at the sub-micron scale are needed to steer product development and improve manufacturing yields. With this new investment, we will extend our technology into the cryogenic low temperature environment, as well as into the spintronics design and manufacturing space, allowing scientists and process engineers to visualize directly the effect of any small change in their design or fabrication process.”

Qnami’s Series A equity round was led by Runa Capital and SIT Capital further supported by Seed Round investors Quantonation, Verve Ventures, Zürcher Kantonalbank and the High-Tech Gründerfonds.  Runa Capital is a global venture capital firm built by serial entrepreneurs that invests in early stage software and quantum startups around the world.

Dmitry Galperin, General Partner, Runa Capital, and new member of the board of Qnami, says, “Quantum technologies leverage the non-intuitive properties of quantum mechanics to develop disruptive applications in fields such as quantum computing, sensing, and communications. The Company’s current focus on the microscopy market demonstrates existing demand and application for this technology. With its strong team, Qnami has made strides towards establishing its position as a leader in the Quantum sensor market.”