Lab14 acquires majority stake in Nanosurf


Nanosurf, the first spin-off of the University of Basel and the first company to receive the Innosuisse certificate (then CTI Label) is today a  global technology leader in the field of scanning probe microscopy designed to achieve resolutions down to the nanometer scale and beyond. The company has now joined German high-tech group Lab14.

Founded in 1997, Nanosurf has focused on designing and manufacturing modular, high-quality and easy-to-use atomic force microscopes (AFMs) by miniaturizing the size of an STM from room-size to coffee table size. It has since matured into one of the leading innovators in the market for AFMs, providing customized industrial solutions to customers in life sciences, materials science research, and large-scale applications to allow customers to combine the AFM imaging, spectroscopy and nanomanipulation capabilities of its platform with the high-end optical imaging techniques available for inverted microscopes. Positioned as a global player, the company provides direct sales, service and support operations in China, Germany, India, Singapore, the UK and the US.

Last year, the company found a successor for CEO Urs Matter, who served the company for 13 years and led it through its development and growth phase – Dominik Ziegler was appointed the new CEO to head a team of more than 60 employees with James Berwick as the new COO.

Nanosurf is now entering a new phase with Lab14 as its new majority shareholder. Lab14 is a group of successful high-tech companies that provide advanced manufacturing and surface analysis solutions. The products and services offered by the Lab14 companies serve a wide range of demanding nano- and microfabrication and surface characterization applications. Nanosurf will utilize the market and technology synergies with Lab14 to enhance its business across various fields, from biotechnologies to semiconductor manufacturing.

Nanosurf AG will remain a Swiss corporation headquartered in Liestal and firmly retain its strategic direction and operating model, serving academic and industrial customers in materials and life sciences. The company will also continue concentrating on innovation, quality, and reliability of products, services, and support.