Cytosurge to scale its business with Olympus


The collaboration between Olympus and nanotech company Cytosurge enters the next stage. The two companies have concluded a co-marketing partnership for the EMEA region. In addition, the collaboration for the further development of Cytosurge’s FluidFM BOT – a cutting-edge system for single cell manipulation and live cell imaging - will be intensified.

Cytosurge develops, manufactures and distributes state-of-the-art nanotechnology solutions, such as the FluidFM BOT for single cell research. The partnership between the Zurich based company with about 20 employees and the leading manufacturer of optical and digital precision technology with more than 30,000 employees will make Cytosurge’s unique FluidFM BOT available to many more researchers. Olympus Europe will expand the availability of the system in the EMEA region and increase the awareness via joint online and offline marketing activities.

Collaborating also paves the way to accelerate common innovation. Olympus’ motorized, inverted IX83 microscope is already a significant contributor to the FluidFM BOT system. The close cooperation which was necessary to integrate the microscope to the system will be intensified and will benefit from Olympus’ huge experience in the market.

The goal of the marketing and development collaboration is to penetrate the life science and pharma markets more rapidly. Alexander Serre, Vice President of the Cell + Bioscience Business Unit at Cytosurge, described his view on the partnership with Olympus, “Over the past decade, Cytosurge has built a valuable foundation in industrializing the FluidFM technology – helping hundreds of researchers around the world to make sustainable advances in their single cell experiments. Working with Olympus gives us an opportunity to change bracket on how we scale our business.” 

“Olympus has long-standing experience in designing and refining live-cell imaging systems such as the IXplore SpinSR,” explained Wolfgang Hempell, Head of Marketing Life Sciences EMEA at Olympus. “The FluidFM BOT nicely complements our portfolio as its single cell manipulation capabilities allow researchers to go beyond current experimental limitations in fields such as drug discovery and cell line development. For example, the capability to inject CRISPR-Cas9 complexes directly into nuclei of single cells, coupled with integrated long-term imaging solutions, will greatly facilitate the efficacy of this powerful gene editing toolkit.”