CHF 1.75M for matriq


St. Gallen‐based matriq AG raised CHF 1.75 million in an oversubscribed Series A funding round led by a number of private investors and supplemented by the Startfeld foundation. The NTB spin‐off has developed the unique watermark for plastics for traceability and authenticity.

Picture (from left): Klaus Dietrich, André Bernard, Simone Frick, Franz Koller, Martin Angehrn, Andreas Schmidheini

Four engineers/scientist of the University of Applied Sciences Buchs NTB founded matriq in October 2019. Former head of the institute for micro‐ and nanotechnology MNT André Bernard joined forces with Klaus Dietrich, Cornelia Nef and Mathias Mächler to spin‐off matriq AG with an initial capital of 200 kCHF. The start-up with seven team members is hosted in Startfeld, the innovation center of St. Gallen.

Matriq AG has innovative marking and security solutions based on its DynamicMold technology. Every single plastic part is individually marked right in its forming process without delaying cycle time. A mold insert is creating a 2D‐code watermark as unique device identity for product tracing and brand protection. And: the matriq team has re‐invented the date stamp for plastics: welcome to digital and marking4.0. The first product of matriq is being launched 4Q2020: the DM‐date, the world’s first digital date stamp for injection molding.

As of July 2020, matriq has installed a new board of directors: Martin Angehrn (entrepreneur, investor, CEO and board member, formerly CC Angehrn) acts as the chairman, Andreas Schmidheini (entrepreneur, formerly CEO and now chairman of varioprint AG, Heiden), Franz Koller (entrepreneur, CEO and VR, formerly at Hoegger AG, Flawil), as well as André Bernard and Klaus Dietrich.