ChemAlive brings big data to the chemical world


Last year, ChemAlive officially became a startup offering the largest quantum chemical database. Today, the Lausanne based startup has launched ConstuQt, a new open data software that will allow for automated and quick deployment of quantum chemical calculations.

The chemical industry today has several platforms from which players can obtain data. However, none of them, whether commercial or public, is built for big data analytics. Their business models or data architectures do not allow a non-sparse connection between large, curated datasets of molecular properties to be connected directly to a molecular structure freely searchable.

To address this challenge, ChemAlive developed a platform providing the largest quantum chemical database comprising of over 3.5 million molecules and 200 million structures for the chemical and pharma industries, which rely on accurate reaction metrics to design, predict and understand chemical processes. The platform allows for cheaper and faster access to computed chemical data with no expertise, hardware or software barrier, thanks to the SaaS model that can be executable by any chemist on-line. Additionally, ChemAlive has now launched ConstruQt, its first API based web-application module and automation technology that allows for even quicker deployment of quantum chemical calculations. The advanced computational tools in the software deliver a wide range of benefits as highlighted in the company’s blog such as the ability to process hundreds of molecules per minute while matching the user’s existing high-throughput requirements.  Not only is the platform scalable and cost-effective, but it will also revolutionise the chemical data market.

Commenting on the new milestone, Peter Jarowski, Director at ChemAlive says, “The kick-off of the new platform is going well. We had 55 registrants over the weekend. We expect to have up to 200 by the end of the week. We are now actively seeking academic users so that we can bridge academic and open data with industrial research and development.”

Besides launching the largest data bank, ChemAlive also celebrates a positive and successful 2019. The company was able to onboard new private clients who are benefitting from the software and recorded approximately CHF 100’000 in revenue.