Bridge funding for a-metal


Zurich-based a-metal, the startup democratizing metal 3D printing, has secured its first eight customers for the upcoming pilot program. This milestone comes on the heels of a bridge funding round, which provides the necessary capital to kick start the commercialization phase.

Founded as a spinoff from the ETH Zurich and the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland , a-metal aims to make metal 3D printing technology accessible and affordable for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and beyond. The company provides a compact device for metal 3D printing, without compromising process robustness and quality. Prototypes and small production-runs can now be manufactured in existing workshops with minimal floor space requirements. The accompanying user-friendly software further eliminates the need for expensive experts.

With this approach, a-metal addresses a significant gap in the market and thus sits at the pinnacle of the metal 3D printing industry as a solution provider that empowers businesses of all sizes to leverage the technology for prototyping, small production runs, and fostering innovation.

Delivering on their promise to bring its solution to clients this year, a-metal will commence its pilot program in Q2 2024, with eight pre-paying customers in the tooling, dental and Aerospace fields as well as other service providers to test and validate the device. Further advanced negotiations are underway. This pilot phase is a crucial step towards making additive metal part manufacturing accessible to a broader industrial audience, aligning with the startup’s vision.

After closing its pre-seed round last year, the company has obtained an undisclosed amount in a bridge funding round, securing the necessary capital to accelerate commercialization and customer deployments. Participants in the round are business Angels, CADFEM, the Venture Kick Foundation and Kickfund. With more than one million Swiss francs already secured to date, a-metal is preparing for its seed round with the aim of closing it in the end of this year.