Additive manufacturing start-up Scrona raises $9.6 million


Scrona AG aims to revolutionize ultra-high resolution 3D printing for a wide range of industries including semiconductor and display manufacturing. The start-up closed its $9.6 million financing which includes $6.7 million from Series A funding and $2.9 million from a grant by Swiss Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI).  

Scrona developed the industry’s first multi-nozzle electrostatic printhead for mass manufacturing to speed product invention in an economical and eco-friendly way, with unprecedented printing resolution in the sub-micrometer range. The new capital will allow Scrona to accelerate the industrialization and commercialization of this novel printing technology and develop new applications across multiple industries including semiconductor manufacturing, high-end displays, electronics, and PCB. For example, the resolution and layer thickness control of Scrona’s technology enables printing of quantum dot RGB color filters for high-brightness, full-color micro LED displays in augmented reality glasses for gaming and metaverse applications.

The technology is based on the electrostatic ejection principle which provides very fine, submicron-scale printing and jetting, while allowing the adoption of various ink materials—such as metals, dielectrics, organic, and biomaterials, with inks that are more than 100 times more viscous than those compatible with conventional inkjet printheads, delivering flexibility and cost-effectiveness in manufacturing. Until now, printing of inks with unlike properties from one and the same printhead with high resolution and throughput has not been possible. Scrona’s patented electrostatic printing technology has the potential to transform manufacturing of semiconductor, display and many other products with its ability to reduce production steps 10-fold, while also significantly reducing materials, energy and water usage.

The Series A financing round was led by AM Ventures with syndicate partners including TRUMPF Venture, Verve Ventures and Manz GmbH Management Consulting and Investment. “There is enormous potential of the Scrona technology in additive manufacturing because its technology can process materials that are simply not processable with other printheads today, “ said Johann Oberhofer, Managing Partner at AM Ventures. “The combination of the highest resolution and the ability to overcome restrictions around high-performance materials of current processes is unique. I expect that Scrona’s technology will enable completely new applications and we are glad to accompany them on their journey together with a strong investor line-up.”

The financing includes a grant by Swiss Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI). The grant is provided on an exceptional basis as a substitute for funding through the EIC Accelerator. Currently, Swiss companies cannot apply for the EIC Accelerator since Switzerland is no longer an associated member state of the EU's Horizon Europe research programme. However, companies that applied successfully before the exclusion - i.e. before June 2021 - will not be funded by the EIC Accelerator, but by SERI instead.