09.05.2022 – 10.05.2022 Online Event

Polymer Replication Nanoscale 2022

Polymer Replication on Nanoscale (PRN) conference, Organizing Committee

The Polymer Replication on Nanoscale (PRN) conference series has been held previously in Denmark, Switzerland and Germany and is established as an important international forum for leading experts to exchange latest developments, research findings and future vision for polymer micro/nano manufacturing and its applications.
It is our great pleasure to invite you to the 8th International PRN Conference.

The conference will address issues in large scale replication of micro- and nanostructures in polymer materials including:

  • Manufacturing of micro/nano structured molds, inserts or shims for polymer replication
  • Industrial replication technologies, injection molding, roll-to-roll techniques and other innovative processes
  • Materials for replication of polymer micro- and nanostructures
  • Applications for functional micro- and nanostructured polymer surfaces, and polymeric micro/nano devices
  • Metrology and characterization of micro- and nanostructured polymer surfaces
  • Simulation and computing of different phenomena in micro- and nanoscale replication


Monday 9 May 2022 

09:00-10:00 (GMT)  Individual pre-conference meetings  
10:00-10:10Kenneth Stanton (Head of UCD School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, Ireland)
Welcome address
10:10-10:20Nan Zhang (MNMT-UCD, Ireland)
Welcome to the Polymer Replication on Nanoscale 2022
Session 1: Mastering and Tooling I (10:20-12:55)
Chair: Michael Gilchrist (UCD, Ireland)
10:20-10:55Nan Zhang (UCD, Ireland)
Manufacturing of plastic microfluidics: Translating microfluidic devices from laboratory prototyping into scale-up production 
10:55-11:30Invited: Gert-Willem Römer (University of Twente,  the Netherlands)
Laser texturing using (ultra) short pulsed lasers:  Fundamentals and applications 
11:30-12:05Invited: Graham Cross (TCD, Ireland)
New nanometric technologies for diamond-like-carbon (DLC) injection mould inserts 
12:05-12:30Yang Zhang (DTU, Denmark)
Surface micro structuring injection moulding using soft tooling  
12:30-12:55Tianyu Guan (UCD, Ireland)
Synthesis of two-dimensional WS2/nickel nanocomposites via electroforming for high-performance micro/nano mould tools 
12:55-13:15Virtual Networking, coffee break (Online, Breakout room)
13:15-13:50Lunch break (individually)  
13:50-14:00Lab tour (video version) 
Session 2: Microfluidics and functional surfaces I (14:00-16:50) Chair: Nan Zhang (UCD, Ireland)
14:00-14:35Invited: Henne van Heeren (Enabling MNT  the Netherlands)
Trends in the microfluidic industry 2022  
14:35-15:00Rafael Taboryski (DTU, Denmark)
Engineering of wetting properties for polymer surfaces 
15:00-15:25Meng Li (Zurich Instruments,  Switzerland)
Fast electrical impedance spectroscopy for microfluidic single cell characterization and counting   
15:25-15:35Coffee break 
15:35-16:00Damien King (FPC-DCU, Ireland)
Injection moulded microfluidic lab on a disc platform for extracellular vesicle analysis  
16:00-16:25Rohit Mishra (DCU, Ireland)
POC Microfluidic Platform Technologies: Bridging the Translational gap 
16:25-17:00Invited: Jed Harrison (FPC-DCU, Ireland)
Micron and Nano-scale Polymer Systems for Biochemical Analysis  
17:00-17:20Virtual Networking  coffee break (Online, Breakout Room)

Tuesday 10 May 2022

Session 3: Micro/nano Replication
Chair: Damien King (DCU, Ireland)
09:00-09:35Invited: Per Magnus Kristiansen (FHNW, Switzerland)
Polymer surface topographies go industrial
09:35-10:10Invited: Giovanni Lucchetta (Unipd, Italy)
Modeling the replication of submicron-structured surfaces by micro injection moulding
10:10-10:35Nastasia Okulova (In-mold, Denmark)
Roll-to-roll Extrusion Coating – expanding the boundaries of roll-to-roll replication in thermoplastic materials
10:35-11:00Sana Zaki (UCD, Ireland)
Shaping of mould tools manufactured by UV LIGA and 3D printing
11:00-11:20Virtual Networking, coffee break (Online, Breakout room)
Session 4: Microfluidics and functional surfaces II
Chair: Per Magnus Kristiansen (INKA FHNW, Switzerland)
11:20-11:55Invited: Ruth Schmid (SINTEF, Norway)
Nanomedicine today and tomorrow
11:55-12:30Invited: Eoin O'Cearbhaill (UCD, Ireland)
3D printing of medical devices designed towards optimal soft tissue interaction
12:30-12:55Yuyang Zhou (Soochow University, China)
Scalable mass manufacturing process for micro/nanostructure engineered plastic films with viral and microbial resistance
12:55-13:15Virtual Networking, coffee break (Online, Breakout room)
13:15-14:00Lunch break (individually)
Session 5: Advanced materials for micro/nano structuring (14:00- 16:20)Chair: Hengji Cong (UCD, Ireland)
14:00-14:35Invited: Wenxin Wang (UCD, Ireland)
Biopolymer-based tough hydrogels for additive manufacturing
14:35-15:00Brian Vohnsen (UCD, Ireland)
From wavefront sensors to retinal implants with polymers
15:00-15:25Shahana Bishnoi (DTU, Denmark)
Fabrication and evaluation of microgel shapes as carriers for delivery of biomacromolecules
15:25-15:50Xiaoyu Wang (UCD, Ireland)
A novel hydrophilic and antibacterial coating based on functionalized chitosan
15:50-16:15Seyed Masih Mousavizadeh (UCD, Ireland)
Multifunctional strong-bonded 3-layered polymer coating on WE43 for drug-eluting stent applications
16:15-16:20Voting for the Best Presentation Awards for Early-Stage Researchers (Online)
16:20-16:40Virtual Networking, coffee break (Online, Breakout room)
16:40-16:50Announcement of Best Presentation Awards and closing by Nan Zhang
16:50-17:30Networking, Beer/Refreshments
Close of PRN 2022 and announcement of PRN 2023