15:00 – 17:00 Battery Innovation Hub, Rue de Monruz 17, 2002 Neuchâtel.

Opening event for the CSEM Battery Innovation Hub

Switzerland's future is electric, so we're pooling our energy expertise into a new Battery Innovation Hub. At the CSEM Battery Innovation Hub, we'll collaborate closely with local industry to develop ground-breaking battery solutions.

Switzerland's energy future is electric, whether in transport, factories, or homes. But the revolution needed to power this transition calls for innovative energy storage solutions. To provide these solutions, we are pooling our many years of energy expertise in a brand-new facility, called the Battery Innovation Hub. Multiple interdisciplinary teams will join forces, working in close collaboration with local industry representatives to develop battery solutions for the future, with the aim of quickly transferring these solutions to industry, strengthening Switzerland's status as a leading innovator in this promising sector. The CSEM Battery Innovation Hub is supported by the Cantonal Bank of Neuchâtel, BCN.

Parking at the Battery Innovation Hub is limited. We therefore recommend arriving by public transport.
The opening event will be attended by selected representatives from the Swiss battery industry. Media professionals will have the opportunity to ask questions at the press conference beforehand and to hold interviews with CSEM’s experts. 

If you would like to find out more about the opening event, please e-mail us at: events@csem.ch 


15:00Welcome speech
Alexandre Pauchard, CEO, CSEM
15:0510 years of technology transfer in photovoltaics at CSEM: status and learnings
Christophe Ballif, VP Sustainable Energy, CSEM
15:15The European pathway to ensure innovation for the batteries industry
Philippe Jacques, Secretary General, Batteries European Partnership Association (BEPA)
15:30Strategic autonomy for the EU battery value chain
Uwe Seidel, Program Manager, IPCEI Battery
15:45The Swiss battery industry landscape
Corsin Battaglia, Vice-President, iBAT
16:00The CSEM Battery Innovation Hub – capabilities & services
Andrea Ingenito, Group Leader Coatings for energy devices, CSEM
Andreas Hutter, Group Leader Energy Systems, CSEM
16:15Official opening with ribbon cutting
16:20Networking aperitif and laboratory tours