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New method for determining the exchange energy of 2D materials

Researchers from the University of Basel have looked at how the ferromagnetic properties of electrons in the two-dimensional semiconductor molybdenum

URL: /en/news/new-method-for-determining-the-exchange-energy-of-2d-materials Date: 16-07-24

Rückblick der QSmetalAM 2024 · Ein voller Erfolg

Die QSmetalAM 2024 feierte dieses Jahr ihr drittes Jubiläum und war ein voller Erfolg.

URL: /en/news/rueckblick-der-qsmetalam-2024-ein-voller-erfolg Date: 16-07-24

Resilient Nanotubes: Taiwan Tech and City University of Hong Kong Research Featured in Top Journals

Breakthrough: Improved rust-resilient nanotubes by Taiwan Tech and City University of Hong Kong is listed in top international journals.

URL: /en/news/resilient-nanotubes-taiwan-tech-and-city-university-of-hong-kong-research-featured-in-top-journals Date: 12-07-24

Battery upcycling start-up Libattion raises EUR14 million

Libattion, a fast-growing company in the field of stationary energy storage solutions from upcycled e-car batteries, has secured a total of EUR14 million from four international investors. The funds w

URL: /en/news/battery-upcycling-start-up-libattion-raises-eur14-million Date: 08-07-24

Two EPFL spin-offs deploy new nanoprobing solution in Hong Kong

In collaboration with Imina Technologies, Attolight has launched a new nanoprobing option on its Allalin Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)-Spectroscopic platform. The resulting Allalin-miBots have no

URL: /en/news/two-epfl-spin-offs-deploy-new-nanoprobing-solution-in-hong-kong Date: 08-07-24

Innovative battery design: more energy and less environmental impact

A new electrolyte design for lithium metal batteries could significantly boost the range of electric vehicles.

URL: /en/news/innovative-battery-design-more-energy-and-less-environmental-impact Date: 08-07-24

Die Bedeutung von Ringvergleichen in der Industrie

Koordination eines Ringvergleichs in Rauheit durch das Kompetenzzentrum Produktionsmesstechnik

URL: /en/news/die-bedeutung-von-ringvergleichen-in-der-industrie Date: 05-07-24

A 2D device for quantum cooling

EPFL engineers have created a device that can efficiently convert heat into electrical voltage at temperatures lower than that of outer space.

URL: /en/news/a-2d-device-for-quantum-cooling Date: 05-07-24

Neustark secures USD69 million to expand carbon removal solution globally

Swiss climate tech company Neustark closed one of the largest growth equity investment rounds in carbon removal. The Swiss CDR specialist has developed and deployed an IP-protected solution that allow

URL: /en/news/neustark-secures-usd69-million-to-expand-carbon-removal-solution-globally Date: 02-07-24

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