29 Jun 2023
14:00 – 17:00 Online via Zoom

Dialog Nanotechnology: Upscaling of nanotechnologies

Cluster Nanotechnologie Nanoinitiative Bayern GmbH

Nanotechnology enables versatile new technologies and products (e.g. transparent and flexible displays) and has been an integral part of many applications for decades. The fact that CNTs, for example, can also be used on a large scale in electronic applications is partly due to the successful upscaling of the corresponding production processes. Thus, these materials only became economically interesting for broad applications due to their high availability and lower price.

At the same time, however, "nanotechnology" is very complex and versatile, and new exciting and promising nanomaterials are constantly being developed in the research environment (as well as in research-active companies). However, for a newly developed nanotechnology material or product, the path from lab-scale production to industrial scale is fraught with many challenges and risks. For example, new equipment, facilities and systems may need to be developed during upscaling of production to deliver reproducible results and consistent quality of the product with a high level of cost effectiveness. In addition, complex questions arise regarding occupational safety and environmental protection, regulations and the patent situation.


The event "Dialog Nanotechnology - Upscaling" will address, together with various experts from research, authorities and industry, general challenges that have to be considered when upscaling the production of nanomaterials and nanotechnologies, as well as specific questions that companies (from start-ups to classic SMEs and large enterprises) have to face.

Registration deadline: 24 hours before the start of the event

Format: Online event (ZOOM)

Participation fees: €60.00 / per appointment (minus a 20% discount for network partners as well as association and network members of the Nanotechnology Cluster, the North German Initiative for Nanotechnology, Nano in Germany e.V. and the Leibniz Research Association for Advanced Materials Safety as well as for participants of earlier events of the Nanotechnology Dialogue). Participation fees are plus 19% VAT.